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Bringing safeguarding into the digital era

In the digital era that we live in, we can no longer think of internet or e-safety as a separate entity when safeguarding children and young people.

In fact, if anyone starts talking about e-safety in the traditional sense, you should just hush them up – this is 2017 and there is absolutely nothing ‘traditional’ about the internet and how children and young people are using it.

Generally, safeguarding within schools deals with e-safety in the context of children’s access to technology and their use of social media; however, it is crucial to consider the more hidden dangers that are away from the mainstream face of the internet.

The “dark web” has created a world in which perpetrators can hide behind a cloak and conceal their identity – making it difficult to track and identify.

Apps like Snapchat and, alongside social media sites such as Twitter, allow trolls a platform to target and groom children and young people. Continue reading “Bringing safeguarding into the digital era”

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‘Three Girls’ – spotting the signs of CSE

In May, over three consecutive nights, the BBC aired Three Girls – an unflinching drama based on the 2012 Rochdale grooming case, which exposed and prosecuted nine men for the trafficking, prostitution and rape of children.

It was an uncomfortable programme to watch from start to finish ─ to see the girls being groomed, abused and then ignored for so long was one of the most difficult things I have ever seen committed to film.

I will be the first to say that the programme was extremely hard to watch, but this should not mean that people need shy away from it. It showed how, with a few missteps, people can be led into a never-ending cycle of abuse – a cycle that will impact their whole lives and the lives of the people around them.

Three Girls exposed wide-scale child abuse and, until the end, chronic failings among parents, councils, health services and the police. Continue reading “‘Three Girls’ – spotting the signs of CSE”