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13 Reasons Why – shocked? So were we.

Netflix’s controversial suicide drama has sparked debate following its arrival on the streaming service in March.

The debate surrounding 13 Reasons Why, and whether it deals with the subject of teen suicide tactfully, is continuing as schools in the USA are now issuing letters to parents warning them about the drama.


The adaptation of Jay Asher’s 2007 novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, follows a group of 12 high-school pupils as they piece together a story described on a series of tapes left for them from their classmate, Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why – shocked? So were we.”

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How to improve mental health in your school

Last week, in a speech at the Charity Commission, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a new approach to tackling mental health.

There is no denying that the speech was a breakthrough for mental health sufferers and activists – for the first time in history, the UK has a government seemingly committed to taking mental health seriously, to breaking the stigma and silence around the subject by bringing it the forefront of public discourse.

However, scepticism has been aroused – political rhetoric is, after all, no substitute for concrete action.

We interviewed John Tomsett, headteacher at Huntington School in York and user of TheSchoolBus. Continue reading “How to improve mental health in your school”

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Are you a bully?

When you think of a bully, what do you see? Is it a picture of Nelson Muntz screaming “Ha Ha!” as he points in your face? Or do you see the stereotypical circling around the small, defenceless boy in the playground as everyone shouts “fight, fight”?

I’m sure there’s many a playground brawl that occur daily in the school playground, but in an ever-increasing digital era, bullying is shifting over to the internet, and the persona of bullies has shifted with that. Continue reading “Are you a bully?”

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Stress, are we doing it all wrong?

With exam stress mounting and the ever-present pressures of social media, are we failing our children?

Ever-amounting pressure to receive high grades, exacerbated by a culture of intense assessment, is harbouring a generation of pupils who are increasingly at risk of suffering immense stress.

Beset by worry, unsure of where to turn for mental health advice, troubled by exam stress and unable to switch off from a digital world which is increasingly consuming their free time, anxiety and stress is rife in teenagers. Continue reading “Stress, are we doing it all wrong?”

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Achievement vs Happiness

As a parent, what would you rate most important in your children’s educational experience? Their happiness? Or their success within the classroom and the grades written on a piece of paper?

According to a recent survey, the biggest worry for most parents is the academic achievements of their children rather than their personal wellbeing. Continue reading “Achievement vs Happiness”