classroom organization hacks

The best classroom organization hacks every teacher should know

The classroom is a place for learning, but it should also a place for having fun- which means, things can definitely get messy. This is especially true for preschools and grade schools (although, let’s face it- college kids can be just as messy). 

Which is why, as a teacher, you should always be on top of things. At the end of the day, no matter how messy and cluttered things may get, it’s nice to come into a clean and organized classroom the next day. 

But, don’t worry! We are here to make the job easier for you. With the best tried and tested classroom organization hacks, you’re sure to have your classroom looking topnotch in absolutely no time! 

First of all, here are the basics: 

  • Keep a class list on the back of your ID, so you can always do a roll call anytime, especially during drills and emergencies. 
  • Label everything- from assignments and projects, tests and quizzes, to report cards, notes to parents, and so on, designate a properly labeled binder clip for everything. It really just makes your job so much easier. 
  • Color code everything- from supplies, materials, and files, color coding makes things easy. Plus, it’s fun and energizing to look at! A splash of color here and there is sure to brighten up your day. 

Now, here are more classroom organization hacks! We divided them into different categories: 

Art Materials 

  • Sort out colored papers using a filing box. Do the same with all other paper craft materials and supplies, and hang them on a rod by using a fabric hanging organizer shelf. 
  • Sort crayons and markers by color (place them in tupperwares or jars). This way, you also know which ones you need to stock up on. 
  • Store small things like sharpeners, erasers, and paper clips in jars or tupperware. You can also do this for small toys like plastic dinosaurs. Stock the tupperwares on top of each other, or if you are using jars, you can organize them using a wine rack. Alternatively, you can also use a tool box type mini drawer to store and organize these tiny things. 
  • If you want something more handy, especially one that you can distribute during group activities, you can place art supplies like paint brushes, markers, and so on, in plastic cups that are placed on a muffin tray. 
  • Designate two jars for pencils- one for sharpened pencils, and one for dull ones. Also, leave a sharpener beside them.  


  • Store educational game supplies by the month or quarter you plan to use them. Use plastic bins or drawer shelves for more durability and longer life span (as compared to carton boxes). 
  • Color code group work bins so the kids can easily identify which one is theirs (the same goes for you). When you are grading group paperwork, you can color code them too by using paper clips. 
  • Hang magazines and workbooks on curtain rods by using carabiner locks and plastic filers. You can also do this for storing flashcards and the like. 


  • Label power cords with masking tape (or washi tape, if you are feeling extra fancy) so they are easy to identify. 
  • Use a dish drying rack as an ipad hub, if you use these for lessons and activities. You can also use drying racks to organize file boxes, extension cords, and so on. 
  • Make the most out of the side of your file cabinet by adding a hanging organizer for random knick knacks. 
  • Paint your file cabinets with chalk paint, so it’s easy to label and re-label (and doodle on, whenever you or your students feel like it). The basic labels for small cabinets should be “grade”, “copy”, and “file”. 
  • Also, paint your book shelves with a different color per shelf to signify different reading levels.  

See? Keeping your classroom nice and tidy doesn’t have to be stressful! It can be fun, easy, and oh so colorful! 

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