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CPR: school success stories

Bethany Simpson, a heroic ten-year-old, has been in the news recently for saving her stepdad’s life by giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) just weeks after learning it at school.

Bethany’s mum called 999 when she found that Robert’s breathing became shallow, erratic and laboured. However, when Robert stopped breathing completely, Bethany’s mum did not know what to do. Bethany quickly took charge and saved Robert’s life. Bethany learnt the skills from the St John Ambulance trainers who visited her school in late February.

English schools have no obligation to teach first aid. This begs the question: why is first aid not a mandatory skill on the school curriculum?

This news story outlines just how important it is for people, whatever age, to know CPR and first aid. It didn’t matter that Bethany’s family was around; no one else knew what to do, or reacted correctly to her stepdad’s struggle.

The British Red Cross has found that a staggering 91 percent of students would “relish the opportunity to learn life-saving skills”.

The majority of the UK’s population lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation. This can lead to unnecessary deaths, injuries and disabilities that could have been prevented by some simple yet effective training. Additionally, by learning these necessary skills, we help to alleviate pressure on the emergency services.

These are the sorts of positive news stories I want to hear about; tales of people using the skills they learned in school to confidently help a person in need.

So, how can TheSchoolBus help?

Print out the flowchart below and use it in lessons to teach your pupils. We have lots of other useful resources on TheSchoolBus, which you can find in our topic.

Additionally, you can invite first aid training groups or charities to your school to give your pupils the skills that are so vitally important in situations like Bethany faced.




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