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Thank You, and Goodbye!

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve had to write because it’s difficult to put into words how extraordinary this journey has been. Today is my last day on TheSchoolBus and I stare hard at the little toy School Bus which sits on my desk, trying to put down all the things I want to say within this short space.

Two years ago, TheSchoolBus was merely a concept. As one of the first members of the editorial team, I am happy and proud to be one of the team who have fleshed out this fantastic product, given it wings and watched it take off.

There were hard times, setbacks and stumbling blocks – but I was accompanied by a smart, loyal, hard-working, passionate team who worked behind the scenes to not only deliver a fantastic service, but to also go above and beyond, by creating truly world-class content.

In a matter of months, we went from being virtually unknown to being used by thousands of subscribers on a daily basis. Our downloads grew to several thousands, and customers were loving the personalised service on offer, namely, our Need Further Help service, which offered bespoke solutions at no extra cost. TheSchoolBus was, and still is, incredible value for money!

Some of the highlights over the past year have been the introduction of the handy compliance tools – the legislation planner and deadlines and curriculum calendar, which track key dates, the Tameside TheMiniBus (the first time we partnered with a local authority), the launch of the Teaching, Funding, SEND and Policy sections and the new Need Further Help form.

Being in touch with the education scene everyday has helped me understand the backdrop of school education in England to a great extent.

I was often the first point of contact with a school and worked on multiple requests from governors, teachers and business managers. It felt super knowing that I was making a tangible difference to the working lives of those who strive to improve the education outcomes for children across the country.

At TheSchoolBus, I worked on infographics content, animations, and complex model policies, from scratch. I got to liaise with our expert contributors and go on video shoots to produce content for the site. As the editor in charge of newsletters, TheSchoolBus blog and social media, I got to orchestrate all online interaction with schools, and formed the vital link in communication with our users. I proposed and created TheSchoolBus education blog, a space where our editors could get creative and discuss pressing issues in education today. It became a resounding success, receiving over 20,000 hits to date. I have been called ‘amazing’ by a subscriber, and made my first sale via Twitter.

In short, I have struggled, learned, grown and flourished with TheSchoolBus!

I am sad to leave, but there are even better things to come for TheSchoolBus; this is just the beginning.




This education blog is associated with TheSchoolBus, a revolutionary online resource for the school leaders. TheSchool Bus wants to ease the burden on school leadership team by providing a wealth of expert advice and resource. Our easy to use, intuitive website offers a range of time-saving resources, with immediate access to hundreds of useful templates, guidance and the latest insights provided by top brands like Lloyds Bank, RM Education, Berg, ParentPay and more. Your time is our business. Visit us here.

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