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Announcing the launch of TheSchoolBus Foundation


TheSchoolBus, as you may know, was created with a vision to enable schools to deliver world class education for less cost, in less time and with less stress.

Within less than a year of ‘going live’, we have seen thousands of happy customers respond to our services – bespoke answers and solutions to requests for model policies, financial documents and information on changes in legislation.

We have decided to take it one step further with the launch of TheSchoolBus Foundation, a charitable trust set up to inject financial support into worthy projects across the UK and abroad. A percentage of profits from TheSchoolBus will be donated annually to the Foundation to support good causes in education.

We are very excited about this massive opportunity to provide disadvantaged and gifted children and young people in mainstream education with opportunities that will make a positive difference in their lives.

The new charity is being set up and chaired by our Chief Executive, Howard Jackson and an independent board of Trustees. It aims to provide grants to programmes and projects that genuinely stretch the capabilities of children and young people through experiences they would otherwise miss.

To commemorate this special event, our parent company, HCSS Education is hosting their first charity golf day on Friday, the 6th of June, 2014, at the Disley Golf Club in Stockport, Cheshire.

Look forward to a fun-filled day of golf, followed by a presentation dinner and a charity auction. There are great prizes to be won, including a week-long stay in a luxury Cornwall apartment and a signed Angel Jimenez golf glove.

TheSchoolBus and HCSS Education, supported by Zenergi,  hope to raise £5,000 for the charity through this event, so we hope you will come along and participate.

Get involved and show your support – you can enter here.

So, if you are planning a project, and running low on funds, TheSchoolBus Foundation might be your answer.  Watch this space for more details!




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