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Literacy Matters

This blog piece is written by our expert literacy consultant Joyce E. Holden.

Reading is a skill for life!

I have been working in education all my adult life: as a teacher of English, as a literacy consultant, as a literacy secondary school governor and as a parent. Everyone should know why literacy skills are so very important.  Every teacher and family member should do their best to encourage the improvement of the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of boys and girls. If we all did so, what a difference it would make!

Let’s look at reading…

  • If children are poor readers, they will be more likely to fall behind at school.
  • Homework, tests and exams will be much harder.
  • More than 98% of jobs in Britain today need reading skills.
  • If you have problems reading, everything in life is harder.

Think of the pleasure, meaning and understanding being a good reader gives you. What a vacuum there would be in your life, if you couldn’t read.

     Now take a look at these facts:

  •  “Over 5% of pupils enter secondary school with a reading level 2 or below and struggle with the core skills of word recognition and swift comprehension.”
  • “Approximately 20% of pupils start secondary school having achieved level 3 in reading in KS2 tests. They are vulnerable learners.” (National Secondary Strategy ‘Struggling Readers’.)
  • “66% of poor performance in SATs and GCSEs is due to poor reading skills – (National Literacy Trust).

You may find the following reading websites useful. There are lots of them out there:

Book websites   (school library)

“Reading Matters”    (for struggling/reluctant readers)


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