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My Inspiration – Mrs. Smith

Gifted and talented children are often overlooked. Being picked on for being bright or for showing any sort of academic aptitude is common and it is hard to know how to help these kids.

Here is a short piece from our guest blogger Emma Garside about how the right teacher can inspire gifted and talented pupils.

“Mrs Smith or Madame Smith (how very French) was the sole reason I enjoyed French and indeed school. From day one I had shown a willingness to exceed… also known as the girl who asked a million questions and the brain box.

I quite simply had a love affair with French as Mrs Smith answered all my questions and always gave me that little bit more to study, even being in top group was a bore for me so her extra work kept me engaged. To be honest, I hated school otherwise and it was only Mrs Smith’s attitude to nurturing those who wanted to excel that kept me focused throughout secondary school, her teaching was simply first class

I’m 35 and although I didn’t follow her into the teaching profession, I still talk about her, I’m sure she’s teaching advanced French up in heaven.

Madame Smith made me realise that it was cool to be a geek and to ignore the kids who picked on me because I was good at something.”

Truly inspirational. Join the conversation on Twitter #BeTheInspiration.



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