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Inspirational Teachers in my Life – by Paul Prophet

Paul Prophet is a Business Development Manager at HCSS Education.

“As a child in secondary education during the mid to late Sixties, the approach, adopted by educationalists was very different from today! Discipline, influenced by inherited traditions and culture was the very backbone of the education delivery model in that era.

A refreshing, more liberal attitude to those values was embraced by my first real ‘science’ teacher, Mr Tress!

His opening introduction to a new intake of less than interested pupils was to announce his name to the all-male brood in front of him. “My Name is TRESS”, he pronounced, “and unlike the doll, my hair doesn’t grow”!!! (All the more interesting, as his accent was very John Lennon-esque – a pop icon at the time).

The doll referred to was a heavily advertised, toy at that time and its USP was that the hair could be pulled out to extend, therefore allowing the little girls of that generation to pretend the hair was actually growing!  (Tressi, by the way was balding)!

Mr Tress made a great impact with his self-degrading introduction, the massing brood engaged with his name and his delivery style and from that moment on, science became a subject that was discussed in the playground and form classes on a regular basis.

I think the moral to this story is that the first step to inspiration is to engage, Tressi did that and from those early days, to my subsequent 5 years in secondary education, it ALMOST, led to me taking a university place to become a marine biologist! (No reflection on Mr Tress as to why I didn’t pursue that career path, merely my choices in life at that time took me in a different direction)!

Thanks Tressi! Even though my career didn’t follow the path of science, I have never lost the interest in all things scientific and this was directly attributed to you!!”

Paul Prophet

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