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My inspiration – Miss Skinner & Mr Crittenden

Les Venus - Managing Director of HCSS Hub
Les Venus – Managing Director of HCSS Hub

I had two teachers in my life that have ‘lived within my memory’: Miss Skinner in my infants class in 1963 and Mr. Crittenden my maths teacher in 1969-1971….yes I am an old man! Miss Skinner was the first person in my life that seemed to ‘get me’. By this I meant what made me tick and what really inspired my learning.

I learned so much in these formative years through Miss Skinner’s careful almost bespoke levels of teaching to all her class. I have never forgotten her.

Incidentally I was attending a state school in one of the more deprived areas of South East London so Miss Skinners approach to me and her class should be seen in this context.

I am hopeless at mathematics but am reasonable at arithmetic (I trained as an accountant). In 1969, in a poor secondary school in north Kent, Mr Crittenden stood out. He was my maths teacher and also an ex-Royal Marine. His approach was robust, straight forward and disciplined. He was honest but intuitive and he exuded leadership as well as care, trust and confidence.

I wanted to learn and I made every effort too, something I failed to do in almost every other class!  I never really grasped how to add and subtract the alphabet but I did grasp arithmetic very well that has to this day served me so well.

Les Venus

How do you inspire your pupils and who inspired you to teach?

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One thought on “My inspiration – Miss Skinner & Mr Crittenden

  1. i inspire with my charm, ready wit and passion for learning. Not, as you may have guessed, my modesty.
    I was inspired by my dad. I went to the high school he taught at and had six years of students coming up to me and telling me he was the best teacher ever. I never saw him in action.

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