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Why come on board TheSchoolBus?

Hello there!

It’s been an amazing few months for our team here at TheSchoolBus.

We have come a long way from our launch in April and we now have 1200+ resources for school leaders and counting! Our emphasis to save school leaders time and money by providing a useful collection of resources covering every aspect of school management and leadership! We place innovation at the heart of what we do, and aim to build a community of school leaders.

If you’ve ever wondered what TheSchoolBus is all about, this video should help you get started.



This education blog is associated with TheSchoolBus, a revolutionary online resource for the school leaders. TheSchool Bus wants to ease the burden on school leadership team by providing a wealth of expert advice and resource. Our easy to use, intuitive website offers a range of time-saving resources, with immediate access to hundreds of useful templates, guidance and the latest insights provided by top brands like Lloyds Bank, RM Education, Berg, ParentPay and more. Your time is our business. Visit us here.

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